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Sign up today and begin to earn membership benefits! Are you interested in being rewarded for consistently choosing the convenience of Greater Binghamton Airport for your air travel needs? Become a member of our Business Travelers Rewards Program and receive the special recognition and rewards you deserve.

Program Members are eligible for the following benefits:
*       Free Airport Parking Passes
*       Complimentary Coffee/Newspaper Coupons
*       And Much More . . .
Dear Business Traveler:
We would like to invite you to join the Greater Binghamton Airport's Business Travelers Rewards Program. This program is designed with the frequent airline traveler in mind. As you read through the program you will see that the more you fly the more amenities you will enjoy.
We appreciate your choice to consistently fly out of the Greater Binghamton Airport. We hope that you will find this customer based program, which was the first of its kind in our region, to be one of the many advantages of using our airport.
As always, thank you for choosing the Greater Binghamton Airport!
How it Works / Terms and Conditions
The Greater Binghamton Airports Business Travelers Rewards Program is an innovated program designed to reward the busy corporate travelers for using our region's airport. Members are recognized as being among the airport's most important customers and we want to show you just how important you really are. Below you will find an outline to our program.
Membership in the BTRP is open to all commercial air travelers over the age of 18. Individuals must participate separately in the program. Transfer of parking day accumulations to other individuals is prohibited. Awarding of program benefits and parking day accumulations shall be at the sole discretion of the Broome County Department of Aviation. All decisions are final.
Accumulation of Parking Days
Upon returning to Greater Binghamton Airport, and leaving the Airport Parking Lot, BTRP members must present their membership card and parking ticket to the Attendant located in one of the parking booths. The Parking Attendant will scan the member's card into a computer, and input the number of days and hours spent in the airport parking lot. Parking days are rounded to the next day after three hours. No retroactive credits will be given for days parked prior to joining the BTRP.
BTRP Benefits and Tier Levels
The BTRP provides three levels of membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. BTRP members will attain levels based on the amount of parking days that have been accumulated within their membership year. Membership year is the 365 days following the day you join the program. The count of days will reset on your membership anniversary date each year.
Business Travelers Rewards Program: Silver Level
Silver Level status is awarded upon accumulating twenty (20) days of parking in the airports short-term or long-term paid parking lots. Upon reaching this level members will be mailed:
*       One Coupon** good for 1 free day of Parking
*       One luggage strap
*       Two Coupons for two complimentary beverages at the Gateway Café 
Business Travelers Rewards Program: Gold Level
Gold Level status is awarded upon accumulating fifty (50) days of parking in the airport's short-term or long-term paid parking lots. Upon reaching this level members will be mailed:
*       Two Coupons** each good for one free day of Parking (Short)
*       Four Coupons each good for one  complimentary beverage at the Gateway Café
*       BGM jacket / purse hook
Business Travelers Rewards Program: Platinum Level
Platinum Level status is awarded upon accumulating seventy-five (75) days of parking in the airport's short-term or long-term paid parking lots. Upon reaching this level members will be mailed:
*       Three Coupons**each good for one free day of Parking
*       A Airport BTRP Platinum Card (Member Receives Long Term Rates in the Short Term Lot and complimentary beverage*** for one full year. Must show Platinum card at time to receive items)
*       $25 gift card to Little Venice Restaurant, a BTRP Partner located in Binghamton, NY
* The complimentary beverage is non-alcoholic, regular sized and includes fountain drinks and coffee.
** Coupons are issued through the mail and are good for two years from date on coupon stamp. Coupons are good only for the paid parking lots located on Greater Binghamton Airport Property.
*** The complimentary beverage is non-alcoholic, regular sized and includes fountain drinks and coffee. Max One Regular Sized Cup per day
Other Important Information
*       The Business Travelers Rewards Program may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.
*       Benefits and privileges received through the Business Traveler Rewards Program have no cash value and may not be traded or sold.
*       Any fraudulent act in regard to this program, or violation of the program terms will result in the termination of program membership, and forfeiture of all credits earned.
*       Parking Days received by members at no charge shall not be counted toward parking day accumulations.
*       It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that parking day accumulation credits are given upon departure from the airport paid parking lot by presenting a valid BTRP Membership Card and Airport Parking Lot Ticket to the Airport Parking Attendants in the parking booths located at the exits of the Airport Paid Parking Lots.
*       It is not recommended that BTRP members use the “self pay” machine, since this is not able to credit your membership account with earned credit
*       The Broome County Department of Aviation reserves the right to amend, suspend, or terminate the terms and conditions governing the BTRP at any time without notice.
*       In the event that the BTRP is terminated, members will have thirty (30) from the date of termination to utilize any remaining benefits such as unused free parking days, etc.
*       Questions and comments about the program may be addressed to the following:
Broome County Department of Aviation
2534 Airport Road, Box 16
Johnson City, NY 13790